Inizi italiani / Italian Beginnings…

A belated post about the start of my 2015 spring adventures in Italy. I am thrilled to be teaching photography with the University of Georgia (UGA) Studies Abroad Program in Cortona, Italy for the spring semester. I was a student in the program during my undergraduate studies, so I am very happy to have another chance to be a part of this wonderful program in a different way. Cortona, an amazing town in Tuscany, will be my home base for the next three months. With the program, there will be field trips to nearby cities and towns (look out for a post on Pisa and Lucca soon…where I am heading to as I write this on the bus).

The semester started in Rome on Feb. 1st. We spent 4 days in beautiful Roma. Each day was packed with seeing the sites as a group, but also some time to explore the city on your own. I have been to Rome many times before, but it was always in the summer months, which meant the streets were crowded with tourists and it was hot. Even though it was rainy and cold while I was there, I really enjoyed this trip, because I wasn’t walking in the hot sun and the city didn’t feel over crowded with people that normally don’t belong there. I know I am one of the people that didn’t belong, but it’s always nice when it doesn’t feel like outsiders out number the locals.






2 thoughts on “Inizi italiani / Italian Beginnings…

  1. Wow, I’m completely awestruck by your work. I’ll be spending the week in Rome, starting today, to work on my photography, in fact! What’s the location of the second photo you posted here? It’s beautiful!

    1. Ciao Emily! Grazie for your comments! The second location is a view from inside the Galleria Borghese at The Villa Borghese (just one of the many museums there). I would especially go to that gallery if you have time…the sculptures and paintings are amazing. You have make a ticket reservation before you go though. Have fun in Roma! It’s a wonderful place to take photos!

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