Mermaid Parade 2014

Catching up writing about what I did during the summer before the summer ends!

For the fourth time since moving to New York City, I went to Coney Island’s annual Mermaid Parade in Brooklyn, the 32nd this year on June 21st.  Each year I go is completely different than the last, but it’s always fun and of course, there’s always mermaids!  I wrote about my first Mermaid Parade experience, here.  Even though it rained that day it was my favorite year so far, because it wasn’t as crowded as it gets on a sunny day, and the rain made for some interesting photos.  

This year I wanted to make sure that I had a lot of time to take photographs in the staging area, so I got up early and made sure I was in Coney Island by 11am. Anybody who wants to take photos can pay for a wristband that lets you take photos of the participants lining up for the parade.  I only have done this once before, but things were a little different this time.  The wrist bands were $20 compared to the $5 I paid in 2009, though my wallet didn’t appreciate the price increase, I understood it.  I feel like there have been a few times since I moved here, it was questionable if the Mermaid Parade would happen because of cost, so become a donate/become a member!  I also really enjoyed getting photographs of the mermaids, sharks, sea life, and fish up close and not straining to get a photograph through the crowds watching the parade. 😉 Below are some photos I took.

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